Top Ten Albums of 2014

At the end of 2013 in my Top Ten Albums post I reflected on what was a bit of a disruptive year. I had months of sleeplessness. It wasn’t insomnia, and I wasn’t a walking zombie. I was a psychotic bouncing ball, bursts of energy pushing out from within, like a slowly exploding bomb. Sleeping … Continue reading


A couple of broads

I’ve never been a huge Amy Poehler fan. As funny as she’s been on Saturday Night Live, I haven’t yet immersed myself in her Parks and Recreation world, despite literally every single friend of mine recommending it, and telling me to persist past the awkward first season. Instead, I’ve pushed past the whole series altogether, … Continue reading


Part of Every Party

For the past week everyone has been talking about Emma Watson’s UN speech. As well they should. Watson’s insightful words, articulated modestly and clearly (go those acting skills!), really pull away at the corners of the “feminism issue”: that it’s not just about women. Equality is something which benefits everyone. I remember years ago in … Continue reading


Reversing and Revisiting

It makes sense for us to turn an ear to new music. But I have some friends who don’t really listen to music. At all. It’s just not something they do. They might put on something old every so often, but mainly they just don’t eagerly listen. It has baffled me in the past. Well, … Continue reading


Weekend Wind Down

Find all songs as a playlist here I don’t know if I’m getting older or smarter (though only one of those is objectively true), but I am really giving up on waiting. I won’t wait for anything anymore. When I saw that the Game of Thrones exhibition was coming to Sydney, for a mere five … Continue reading


Won’t Win

As usual, I was late to the party discovering Melbourne-based Fractures. His song Twisted subtly eased its way in, with quiet electric tones and persistent, heartfelt vocals as he cried “I’m lonely, I’m lonely!” Just another Friday night for me! Won’t Win starts out as softly as Twisted but doesn’t strike out in the same … Continue reading


Weekend Wind Down

Music can evoke memories much like smell. Ben Folds Five’s ‘Brick’ reminds me of my red-head twin friends (one of which is a huge BFF fan) and their indoor swimming pool. Ben Lee’s ‘Cigarettes Will Kill You’ reminds me of a party my sister threw in the backyard, where I threw a sparkler into the … Continue reading


Part of Every Party

When we were wee tuckers, my folks would give my sister and I these very hip mixed tapes. Each one was numbered, and when I turned say, seven, I’d get the number seven tape. One of these mixes had a terrible song on it (there were quite a few of those) and it went “I’m … Continue reading


Q and A with East

I never seem to hear from artists from the NSW Central Coast, but here’s a goodun’. East is letting her music speak for itself, because the teasing song Old Age (she is only 16 years old) is a fait accompli, grabbing international attention pretty early on. I won’t say much more, but this bird gave … Continue reading


Good Chats – Kevin Drew Interview

Kevin Drew is a conversationalist. I have been scheduled half an hour for this interview, rather than the standard 15 minutes, and he is running a wee bit late over his last interview (though, he is courteous about it). I also say that Drew is a conversationalist because he stimulates discussion figuratively; he cultivates creativity … Continue reading


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