R(ise) E(xist) D(emise)

Curated by Chloe Mandryk, the mysterious and ceremonial exhibition RED (Rise, Exist, Demise) focuses on physical, emotional and spatial binaries associated with the colour red. This provocative colour is connected to renewal and oppositional forces, for example birth, living with gusto, cycles and death. I sauntered in late to the opening on 15 March to … Continue reading

Exterior Motives Street Art Show

From The Riot Act: “After eight hours in a truck and a five hour install the Exterior Motives street art show has arrived in Canberra. Come by Itrip Iskip, 30 Lonsdale St Braddon [ED – next to Debacle], to see works by International superstars Banksy, D*Face, Swoon, Hush and Blek Le Rat as well as … Continue reading

Weekend Wind Down

Art by Gildo Medina Last night my friends and I slotted a few $2 coins into the jukebox at the Labor Club so we could listen to anything other than “Whaddya Want From Me.” Notably, the playlists included Accidentally Kelly Street (*heave*), Disturbia (which I’m certain the old fellas in the club were digging more … Continue reading

The Female Gaze

While in New York I ventured into an art gallery in the Meatpacking District (the Leo Kesting Gallery). There were a lot of interesting pieces on display, more striking and unique than mediocre. Ray Sell’s work stood out the most though; assemblage post-modernist work which observes media representation of the male. Sell focuses on the … Continue reading

Weekend Wind Down

Art by Heisuke Kitazawa A retreat to the coast on the weekend was just what I needed. For someone who bemoans the lack of beaches in Canberra and is horrified to see residents, desperate to engage in water recreational activities, swimming in the disgusting man-made lake, it’s always refreshing to get to Tomakin or thereabouts … Continue reading

Weekend Wind Down

Simon Norfolk, Former tea house in a park in Afghanistan So I have been a negligent blogger so far this year. WELCOME to 2010 everyone! 2 MONTHS ago! Let’s see if I can branch out from my “mostly music” posts this year and make it a little more “mostly also things that aren’t just music.” … Continue reading

Weekend Winddown

Image taken from here Dan Black – Wonder Buy Dan Black falls into the category of blogged hype and accessible pop but he hits something long abandoned. There’s a very nineties feel to the whole album, Un, as we get a bit of R n’ B, dance and acoustic electronica. Starting out using the drum … Continue reading

Weekend Winddown

Image taken from here The Middle East – The Darkest Side It’s nice to come across beautiful songs via international blogs and find out they’re Australian. Soft guitar strumming, heartfelt music and lyrics, female backed vocals… I have been missing Angus and Julia Stone so this is a warm welcome. A couple of their other … Continue reading

A New World of Vigilantes

Illustration by Mark Eastwood. More of his works can be viewed here. Many years after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre people still wonder exactly what a “terrorist” is and what might motivate them to kamikaze-style destroy two buildings filled with people.Horrible war-related murders happen every day and we don’t always know the … Continue reading

Ah McCain, You’ve Done it Again…

Rednecks have their say.I guess the expression “You live, you learn” is a tad redundant in these circumstances. Feed yourself