Pop Culture Princess

Beyond Star Wars, there’s a reason why you may have seen a lot of CARRIE FISHER interviews. She isn’t just the Princess of Alderaan she is a Princess of pop culture, immersed in the world of media, from television shows and movies to books and theatre. Perhaps the reason for her transition from epic screen … Continue reading

This is the way the world ends. Not with a whimper but with a bright shiny light

Okay so like with many anime films, when Katsuhiro Ôtomo’s Akira finished I sat in stunned silence staring blankly at the closing credits and wondered what just happened. Akira feels strangely like a post 9/11 film (though it is a post Hiroshima film), similar to Richard Kelly’s bizarre follow-up to Donnie Darko, Southland Tales. Though … Continue reading

Food Thieves

Clive Barker isn’t someone you’d immediately associate with children’s literature. He’s more about pinheads and adult horror. For some reason, though, Barker decided to write a young adult fiction called The Thief of Always. Harvey is a bored ten-year old wishing for some Jumanji-like fun when some peadophilic-like man blows through the bedroom window offering … Continue reading

You can never have too many zombie films

It’s true, you really can’t! You can, and we DO, have too many VAMPIRE films. You can have too many werewolf films (I don’t get why there are so many). But zombie films? Oh my zombie god! Zombieland was definitely not what I expected. I thought it might be another Dawn of the Dead (the … Continue reading

Small Change is Gonna Come

Michael Moore has always been fat, preachy and so left-wing he has no room for even-handed discussion with “corporate fat cats.” But he was once somewhat charming. He was a voice for the little guy (no matter how incompetent they were). In his early days on The Awful Truth I found Michael Bore actually quite … Continue reading

Un-Origin-al: Wolverine

***Spoiler Alert*** It can easily be said that the X-Men franchise is worth a good flogging. Over many years the comics have seen changing writers for the better and the worse. It wasn’t going to be long before someone made a film or three about it; Bryan Singer did a fine job of the first … Continue reading

Doomed! You’re all doomed!

Friday the 13th is considered unlucky due to the the associations both Friday and the 13th have (Friday being Jesus’s apparent day of Crucifixion, and 13 being seen as an unlucky number). For most of us though Friday is the last day of the working week (which is a lucky thing) and 13 is just … Continue reading

Road Rage

A good long while ago I remember seeing a poster for a new (or, as it is, old) concept wherein two films are shown for the price of one (a double bill feature release). Better yet, two of the hippest directors around (Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez) were set to pen this (at least these … Continue reading

Soundtrack Sunday

Hopefully a series I can continue each Sunday, wherein I share some of my favourite music from my favourite films, television etc. Magnolia is one of those somewhat pretentious films where separate lives culminate in one big supposedly profound conclusion. PT Anderson does a good job of it, though. I didn’t find the end particularly … Continue reading


After the last two Spiderman films I was excited to see the latest (and possibly the last) addition to the comic epic of nerd-boy Peter Parker-turned badass Spider-like creature. I took the time to rewatch Spiderman 1 and 2 over the weekend in preparation but Raimi kindly recaps the most important events of these two … Continue reading