Q and A with East

I never seem to hear from artists from the NSW Central Coast, but here’s a goodun’. East is letting her music speak for itself, because the teasing song Old Age (she is only 16 years old) is a fait accompli, grabbing international attention pretty early on. I won’t say much more, but this bird gave … Continue reading

Good Chats – Kevin Drew Interview

Kevin Drew is a conversationalist. I have been scheduled half an hour for this interview, rather than the standard 15 minutes, and he is running a wee bit late over his last interview (though, he is courteous about it). I also say that Drew is a conversationalist because he stimulates discussion figuratively; he cultivates creativity … Continue reading

Q and A with Voltaire Twins

Still early on in their musical career, Voltaire Twins are firmly representing Australian talent internationally, taking their addictive pop to the states and slowly but surely winning everyone over. One of the twins, Jaymes, shares his thoughts on the duo’s latest movements. A Has Been: Tell me about your recent North American trip. Has it … Continue reading

Magnetic, Majestic: Active Child

Upon hearing Active Child’s debut album, You are All I See, listeners have immediately detected something distinctly spiritual behind the harp and choir-skilled falsetto vocals. While the sound is arguably more heavenly than say, Joanna Newsom’s sound, there is a noticeable air of presage and remorse. “Sometimes I’m scared to admit it,” the man behind … Continue reading

Husky Hits Home

triple j’s Unearthed has produced quite the monumental music pool. Some artists flounder and defect. Others, however, really come into the fore. When HUSKY won the triple j Unearthed award they didn’t brag or preen, they were grateful. “It’s helped us in a big way,” lead-man Husky Gawenda attests. “It’s difficult to get your music … Continue reading

Masters of the House

After years of deejaying (live and on radio), remixing, making mixes and releasing a debut album, THE ASTON SHUFFLE have timed their recent independent status well. With a strong following and a solid reputation it makes sense that the local duo would experience a surge of motivation to write. This is perhaps why, only months … Continue reading

Planting Seeds

Unless you are Canadian many of you may not have heard HEY ROSETTA! before, yet they have been receiving high acclaim in their part of the world, winning awards and being short-listed recently for the prestigious Polaris award (alongside heavyweights like Arcade Fire and Austra). Much like The Jezabels (whom Hey Rosetta! will be supporting … Continue reading

Digital Dudes

Ismail “Isi” Tüfekçi of established electro Hamburgers, Digitalism, doesn’t mind if you don’t like their new album, I Love You Dude. “You know, what I think we did is, we took our songs a little bit further,” Isi starts, in his winsome German accent. “And it’s really good that people have different opinions. First of … Continue reading

Time Traveller

CW Stoneking speaks just the way he sings, in a disjointed yet understandable speech, somewhat like Louis Armstrong, and with as equally a wonderfully husky strength. He’s not putting it on for stage presence. Stoneking’s albums may contain characters like King Hokum because when Stoneking writes a song, “a story emerges.” But what you hear, … Continue reading

A New Spark

Following the success of a debut album Sparkadia frontman, Alex Burnett, didn’t know that all of his band members would leave. And while he clearly appreciated their work it seems he took the exodus in stride when he says “because with the second record [The Great Impression] the other guys wanted to do different things … Continue reading