Murakami Magic

I’ve said before that this blog is partly about literature. This is because I love to read, so much so that I even completed English Honours some time ago (not bragging). Funnily enough though, I NEVER seem to write about books, do I? Nup. I think The Watchmen is the only one I’ve written about … Continue reading

Pop Culture Princess

Beyond Star Wars, there’s a reason why you may have seen a lot of CARRIE FISHER interviews. She isn’t just the Princess of Alderaan she is a Princess of pop culture, immersed in the world of media, from television shows and movies to books and theatre. Perhaps the reason for her transition from epic screen … Continue reading

Food Thieves

Clive Barker isn’t someone you’d immediately associate with children’s literature. He’s more about pinheads and adult horror. For some reason, though, Barker decided to write a young adult fiction called The Thief of Always. Harvey is a bored ten-year old wishing for some Jumanji-like fun when some peadophilic-like man blows through the bedroom window offering … Continue reading

True Blood Doesn’t Bite, Doesn’t Suck

When Clare drove away from her funeral home, bawling her eyes out to Sia’s Breathe Me as a montage of every character’s death revealed “Everything. Everyone. Everywhere. Ends” in the final episode of Six Feet Under, you probably weren’t thinking “Wow, I wonder what Alan Ball (creator/writer) will make us feel depressed about next?” Well … Continue reading

Un-Origin-al: Wolverine

***Spoiler Alert*** It can easily be said that the X-Men franchise is worth a good flogging. Over many years the comics have seen changing writers for the better and the worse. It wasn’t going to be long before someone made a film or three about it; Bryan Singer did a fine job of the first … Continue reading

A New World of Vigilantes

Illustration by Mark Eastwood. More of his works can be viewed here. Many years after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre people still wonder exactly what a “terrorist” is and what might motivate them to kamikaze-style destroy two buildings filled with people.Horrible war-related murders happen every day and we don’t always know the … Continue reading

Have you accepted Jesus as your financial investor?

A couple of weeks ago I read a book released by a woman named Tanya Levin. It was an account of her experiences in and out of Pentecostal “Empire”, Hillsong. As a christian man who has been attending a church for the past 7 years or so I was already aware of who Hillsong were … Continue reading