Q and A with East

I never seem to hear from artists from the NSW Central Coast, but here’s a goodun’. East is letting her music speak for itself, because the teasing song Old Age (she is only 16 years old) is a fait accompli, grabbing international attention pretty early on. I won’t say much more, but this bird gave … Continue reading

Good Chats – Kevin Drew Interview

Kevin Drew is a conversationalist. I have been scheduled half an hour for this interview, rather than the standard 15 minutes, and he is running a wee bit late over his last interview (though, he is courteous about it). I also say that Drew is a conversationalist because he stimulates discussion figuratively; he cultivates creativity … Continue reading

Porcelain Pill

When first listening to Porcelain Pill, I was somewhat surprised by the vocals. I’m not sure what it is… Adam Scott-McGuinness sings a little like Bowie, but without the uncompromising confidence. It’s disarming, but also incredibly charming (look at me with my fancy rhymes) against the beautiful cello and electronica. They cite Postal Service as … Continue reading

Girls: Open Season

***Spoiler alert – Girls season three discussed below*** Could there be a title more inviting of scrutiny than “GIRLS”? Girls is a show about four girls living in New York City. Since it began three seasons ago its creator, Lena Dunham, has been challenged for misrepresenting women, or not representing them enough, or not having … Continue reading

Coming Into View

Cool poster by Total Bore Jack Colwell works tirelessly and with such a commitment to music that each song’s lyrics capture the hurts eloquently, the delivery of each arranged uniquely, adding depth to the melody and melancholy. Kudos also to his supporting Owls, who are always on beat. Colwell could attribute the full sound of … Continue reading

Part of Every Party

“I really don’t agree with the principles of Beyond Blue” my therapist announced in the quiet corner office where I’ve been meeting her over the past year. She’s not being an asshole; she has reservations about the idea of blanket diagnoses of depression, and the claims that the community has a pervasive and long-term issue … Continue reading

Weekend Wind Down

I’ve slowed everything down. Getting drunk is happening by chance, rather than by habit. And conversations with friends have more fluidity, and involve more joking about funny youtube videos than life crap… Speaking of which, I have started a new job. It’s not my dream job (not even remotely) but it’s interesting enough. But in … Continue reading

Disoriented and Displaced

I have been siting on this one for far too long, and its captivating honesty must be shared. Canadian, Steve Benjamins, has quietly constructed an album (Disorientation Man) which delves into the depths of loneliness, coupled with a sense of responsibility; two interlocking states of emotion, which come through earnestly as each songs builds, and … Continue reading

Top Ten Albums of 2013

For many of us 2013 was a growth-spurt year. There were a lot of major changes, some painful; our base convictions were challenged; our sense of security, shattered; our morals, tested. And what appears to be emerging, is something of a personal revolution. The time has come to shake off our bad habits, that maybe … Continue reading

Weekend Wind Down

I must admit I’ve really gone well beyond my threshold for the slow and quiet Canberra life. It is very secure, peaceful, and I’ve met people who have changed my life forever and for the better. But they also come and go, and in that sense Canberra continues to move beneath me, more than I’d … Continue reading