Fly, Pigeon!

Happy readers! I have a little freebie today for y’all. Check it! (Urgh, is it a faux pas to continue using that term?) Californian rapper, Pigeon John, is touring our fair country in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane this month! Those who don’t know the name will have likely heard The Bomb on Triple J, but … Continue reading

Sesame Street Appeals to TV Junkies

For some reason Sesame Street has this backlog of television show “parodies.” Everyone knows they often have television “star” guests but this is way more fun!

Pop Culture Princess

Beyond Star Wars, there’s a reason why you may have seen a lot of CARRIE FISHER interviews. She isn’t just the Princess of Alderaan she is a Princess of pop culture, immersed in the world of media, from television shows and movies to books and theatre. Perhaps the reason for her transition from epic screen … Continue reading

That’s sass and fire

This Sunday I’m going with some nerds friends to see Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse and all things clever). He’s doing some talk and will “discuss the creative ways in which he has played out… themes [of stong woman characters, outsider heroes and the uses and abuses of power] in a variety … Continue reading

Moving Day

I will be moving my current blog A Has Been That Never Was here in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Ooh! Blogger Me!

One exciting thing about Stereogum is that it’s a big time popular blog.They even have awards and stuff. In fact, I am usually more agreeable to the outcome of the Gummy Awards than another Rolling Stone’s “top 100 great singers of all time from 1990.” You can also vote for your favourite blog other than … Continue reading

Sound Familiar?

Some of you may have noticed the sudden disappearance of two of my posts. The first time was unusual. I received no notification of removal… I had posted a number of dance songs, with the typical intention of exposing any lovely readers of my blog to new artists. It was removed. I thought this was … Continue reading


Photo taken from here. This weekend NSW are getting “treated” to a long weekend. On friday people will sit at home and twiddle their thumbs while the Australian Government hosts the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)forum. Basically a bunch of leaders from around the world meet up and discuss information the general public will never be … Continue reading

Passionate Pasha Pull

Postponing a Pash For those who don’t know, NSW has been copping some mighty powerful storms lately. The kind that only roll in every decade, at most. In Newcastle a coal freighter ship, the Pasha Bulker, was washed in by the rough seas and stranded on the shoreline. Apart from the threat of pollution and … Continue reading

First Entry

In this blog I plan to write entries about literature I’m reading, films and television I’m watching, and music I’m listening to.At some point in time I’d like to post mp3s of music artists’ songs to give people a taste of the range of music out there and give a little free publicity to those … Continue reading