My Top Ten Lists for 2011

A lot of people said 2011 was a terrible year. Myself included. And sure, in some ways it was, and in some ways it wasn’t, and 2011 is as subject to perspective and the theory of relativity as any other year. But it seemed tough for a lot of people. Europe began sinking into critical … Continue reading

Magnetic, Majestic: Active Child

Upon hearing Active Child’s debut album, You are All I See, listeners have immediately detected something distinctly spiritual behind the harp and choir-skilled falsetto vocals. While the sound is arguably more heavenly than say, Joanna Newsom’s sound, there is a noticeable air of presage and remorse. “Sometimes I’m scared to admit it,” the man behind … Continue reading

Weekend Wind Down

What a difference a warm day makes in Canberra. I emerged yesterday to find people walking all over Canberra, happily chirping away to each other as they waited outside for their coffee (usually in winter waiting outside means angry faces). People are undeterred by the explosive fire that happened on Friday in the industrialised suburb Mitchell, … Continue reading