My Top Ten Lists for 2011

A lot of people said 2011 was a terrible year. Myself included. And sure, in some ways it was, and in some ways it wasn’t, and 2011 is as subject to perspective and the theory of relativity as any other year. But it seemed tough for a lot of people. Europe began sinking into critical … Continue reading

Husky Hits Home

triple j’s Unearthed has produced quite the monumental music pool. Some artists flounder and defect. Others, however, really come into the fore. When HUSKY won the triple j Unearthed award they didn’t brag or preen, they were grateful. “It’s helped us in a big way,” lead-man Husky Gawenda attests. “It’s difficult to get your music … Continue reading

Husky Hearts

Husky are a Melbourne-based band who have returned from the USA having recorded debut album, Forever So, with Noah Georgeson, who has worked with the likes of Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom. The song History’s Door caught my attention, and there are only two other songs released so far which can be streamed on and … Continue reading